Remembering Jimmy Beaumont

Frankie and the entire gang are deeply saddened by the death of Jimmy Beaumont, lead singer of The Skyliners, on October 7.

  • Jimmy Beaumont’s FarewellOctober 13, 2017

    Everybody’s Crying” and “Since I don’t have you”, “I’ll just go my lonely way” but “The door is still open to my heart.” “Believe me” when I say “How much” I love all of you, “This I swear is true.”  I asked the Lord to “Please send me someone to love” for I knew that “When I fell in love”, it would be forever. I heard about that “Lorraine from Spain” but with her, I knew that I would be “The loser.” To everyone “Comes love” and that was true when Carol came into my life. “One night” with her was all I needed. “Zing went the strings of my heart” and I was sure she’d never get “Tired of me.” I knew that one day “I’ll close my eyes” and “I’d die.” But “It happened today”, “The end of a story” and the beginning of a new one that will last forever.  I used to wonder “Where have they gone”, but now I know because it’s a ”Happy Time” being a member of the greatest vocal group ever assembled. They are truly out of this world. I ask you today to “Close your eyes, take a deep breath and let those “Stardust” memories “Warm” your hearts. You have been My Christmas past and will be my Christmas always. I now must say goodbye my dearest family and friends but “I’ll be seeing you” in all the old familiar places. When it rains, “Tell me” that you’ll think of me as the Lord sends down those “Pennies from Heaven.”

    Dedicated to Jimmy and his family from Deacon Len Thomas.

May Jimmy rest in peace and rise in glory!

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